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Who is

the fake guru?


Will the real Fake Guru please stand up?

1. Who is TFG?

Who is TFG?

I am the Fake Guru

a dreamer

 who captures a moment

or follows a thought

and imprints it in time

You are the Fake Guru

a wanderer

in the world of imagination

its misty valleys

and silver peaks

I am the Fake Guru

You are the Fake Guru

Aren't we all the Fake Guru?

So let's just agree

to all try and be

the best version of us,

The real Fake Guru.


No hocus-pocus.


2. What is our Vision?

What is our Vison?
Screenshot 2022-01-30 at 20.01.26.png

To create a community of real people,


of real Fake Gurus.

Who love to read and who love to write

And who love to learn, teach and share.

3. What is our Mission?

What is our Mission

To build the largest library


of Magical Fiction short stories ever


and encourage the power of imagination.

The Fake Guru

The Fake Guru - Half.jpeg

Twister of Tales

Shopkeeper and teller of fortunes. Savvy businessman. Head of entertainment. A genuine trickster. 

The Fake Guru


Fabricator of Fables

Wise beyond his years - though no one knows whether these span decades, centuries or eons. Him included. 

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