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The Man on the Mountain

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

IN THE AUSTRIAN ALPS lives a wild man.

To behold him in his natural habitat, one might easily mistake him for a mountain bear, for he is mighty and untamed.

On some days, one would find him prowling on all fours, over grassy rocks or by snowy waters, dressed in nothing but shorts. On other days, he would climb over the thick limbs of old and heavy trees, or swim through the depths of icy, alpine lakes.

In the winter he would run naked over glacial landscapes, impervious to the cold that would make a normal man freeze; and in the summer he would jump into the air in joy, launching himself over the ground with his hands and feet, his powerful muscles tensing and untensing with a feral elasticity.

One might think that a man who likens a mountain bear so would be fearsome and terrible to behold. But it is not so. In fact, if one were to seek him out in nature, at most times one would find him in the companionship of small puppy, whom he loved very much.

Indeed, his love and adoration extended to all of Nature, from which he said he was gifted his superhuman strength and resistance to the cold. He and Nature had become – in the most natural way – one.

Because he appreciates his extraordinary gifts so much, the Man on the Mountain wishes for all to be able to experience these wonders of Nature. And so, he gifts them back: He opens his doors for all to enter and to learn – from the broken and week to the mighty and strong – and he heals them and teaches them the Secret Techniques of Nature that he has mastered long ago.


Because he knows: Only together – hand in hand with Nature – can we evolve the Mind, the Body, and the Soul.


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