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The Jewelry Thief

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

HOW MUCH FOR THIS ONE?” I held up a heavy, ornamented necklace.

The gold souk was alive and glittering. Street merchants everywhere, shouting out, all of their precious goods apparently on sale; discounted at prices that couldn’t be mached anywhere! Standing in the busy street, one would think the whole world were made of gold; necklaces, armbands, bracelets, ear- and finger rings shining brightly in hues of red, yellow, and orange, gloriously reflecting the Arabian sun that was slowly falling from the sky. The market sparkled like the ocean surface as the fiery disc passed down under the rim of earth. Twilight was the perfect time for thievery.

Sometimes I would duck into one of the gold adorned shops, simply to escape the heat outside. Tonight, was such a night.

That one, good sir – what a wonderful piece! – for your wife? Perhaps a girlfriend? I will make you a very special price – 1’500 Dirham only!” the rotund street merchant smiled at me widely, showing red stained teeth. With a gurgle and a loud splat, he spat out what was left of his chewing tobacco.

“So, what do you think good sir?”

Too much,” I said. “I’ll give you 500 for it.”

“Sir, 1’200 is a good price. I cannot do less.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I make for the door.

“Okay sir, 1’150 I can do.” He whips out a calculator. “What is your final price?” he asks before I can leave.

“I’ll take it for 800 – no more, no less.”

“Sir, for 800 I cannot give you this. It is worth more than that. For 800 I lost money.”

“Fine. I’ll give you 1’100 for it.” Really, I didn’t care.

Insha’Allah.” He waves his hand. The deal is done.

He packs up the necklace and I put two 10’00 Dirham notes on the table. He picks out the change from a heavy purse and hands it to me with the necklace.

“Shukran.” I make for the door and stop. “Do you have any earrings to match?” I turn around and walk back to the counter. He beams at me.

Of course! Just one moment sir, let me find something for you that you’ll love…” He vanishes into the back. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

I snatch up the heavy purse he’s left on the counter and disappear among a crowd of tourists. The jewels are always heavily guarded behind glass walls – but the money they need easy access to. I just needed to figure out where it was; and I’d always be gone before the penny dropped.

No one ever expects to get snatched by the rich, white guy.


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